Modafinil has a half life of hours so if you take a dosage in the morning, you will most likely still feel the consequences at night. Modafinil is a very popular smart drug that can be used by many people to help them focus and have more done. The half life of Modafinil is hours so if you have a dosage each day, you will most likely still feel the effects at night. If you don’t know right now, Modafinil can be an popular off-label smart drug and cognitive enhancer that is widely employed by students and professionals. Together with the safety concerns, buying illicit drugs can lead to a variety of unintended negative consequences.

In a few studies, modafinil was also partially discriminated as stimulant-like. Caution should be exercised in administering modafinil to patients with history of alcohol, drug or illicit drug abuse. Patients with such history should be monitored for signs of misuse or abuse (e.g. increasing the recommended dosage). This evaluation usually contains a complete history and physical examination, and testing in a laboratory setting.

Incidences such as these have occurred in individuals both with and with out a history of mental illness. A small percentage of patients experience a hypersensitive histamine response and associated skin rash when taking Modafinil. The absolute oral bioavailability was not determined because of the aqueous insolubility of armodafinil, which precluded intravenous administration.

They called this iteration Provigil®, which had fewer side effects, required an inferior dose, and had a significantly faster onset of effects than its predecessor adrafinil. Around once, a French neurophysiologist namesMichel Jouvetwas doing experimentation on the processes behind the sleep, a topic not well understood at the time. Like many of the best drugs before it, modafinil was discovered partially unintentionally.

While Adderall is the only one of the two drugs approved by the FDA for the treatment of ADHD, this is an off-label use of modafinil as well. When someone without ADHD takes Adderall, the consequences are different. They often times feel a euphoric high and pleasant feelings such as high degrees of false self-confidence. People who abuse Adderall can also stay awake for long periods and study with intense concentration, causeing this to be drug preferred among school students. Another aftereffect of Adderall that’s off-label but desirable by some people who abuse it is appetite suppression.


In clinical studies, modafinil was discriminated as producing psychoactive and euphoric effects comparable to other scheduled CNS stimulants, and showed reinforcing behavior. The use of alcohol in combo with modafinil has not been studied; clinicians should advise patients that it's prudent to avoid ethanol ingestion by using this medication. Withdrawal symptoms on modafinil discontinuation have not been noted; however, sleepiness/fatigue should be expected to come back.

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